It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter on behalf of the

Napper family. I had the opportunity to become friends with Mike in

college while we were at BBC. In 2007, he contacted me

concerning our field and the desire to become a missionary. At that

time, he was simply seeking God’s will. Through the direction of the

Holy Spirit, God has led them to Burkina Faso. In June of 2008, he

visited Burkina for a survey trip and stayed with our family. It was during

this time that we got to see Mike and Christy’s real heart for ministry

and a love for people. They have already captured the heart of our

members who are eagerly awaiting their return. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Napper family. I know the Lord will use

them to do great things to further His kingdom here in Burkina Faso.

Mike Hillhouse

BBFI Missionary

Burkina Faso





It is my privilege to recommend to you Mike and Christy Napper

for your consideration as a part of your Missionary family. I have known

Mike and Christy since their teen years and have watched them grow

into servants of God that are truly profitable for the ministry.

This couple has a passion about them to see souls saved, not

only on the mission field to which God has called them, but wherever

they go. God has given both Mike and Christy unique gifts that will

serve them well as missionaries. Mike and Christy have

overcome tremendous obstacles to arrive at the point where they have

now become deputation missionaries. Their perseverance and dedication are a testimony to the nature of their calling and the grace of

God upon them. I have no doubt whatsoever that the Lord will use them in a mighty way upon their arrival on the field of service. Please prayerfully consider helping them get to the field as soon as possible.

John H. Smith

Pastor, Bible Baptist Church

Petal, Mississippi





I met Mike and Christy when they were just high school students attending the Youth Camp that we sponsored in South Mississippi. I

believe both of them to be very dedicated to the Lord and both have

a desire to serve God. I think they will make good missionaries. I am

happy to recommend them without reservation.

Dr. Rick Carter

Pastor, Canyon Creek Baptist Church

Richardson, Texas